A short description of lip augmentation in Iran

Full lips are considered a sign of beauty and many women like to have fuller lips in order to look more attractive. Lip augmentation is a procedure by which you can have chubbier lips. If you are looking for this cosmetic surgery at a reasonable price, lip augmentation in Iran is an affordable choice that can help you have a prettier face.


Is Iran the best choice for lip augmentation?

You can undergo any cosmetic surgeries in Iran at prices incomparable to other countries. The high-quality hospitals and clinics alongside the board-certified surgeons provide you with the best experience available. Lip augmentation has become one of the most popular aesthetic medical operations among Iranian women and a vast number of them opt for it every year.


How much does lip augmentation cost in Iran?

Since various methods can be utilized for this surgery, the price ranges are different. Generally, the total price for your surgery can fall somewhere between $100 and $1400.

For the easiest and cheapest method, in which the specialist injects fillers to your lips, you will be charged around $100 – $300. The fat transfer procedure cost would be about $300 – $500. And the range of price for lip implants is about $900 – $1400.

Meanwhile, the common cost for the injection method in other countries across the globe can be anywhere from $500 to $2000. It is obvious that having a lip filler in Iran is a considerable saving for you.


Why choose Rashin Medical for lip augmentation?

We started our mission with the purpose of offering the most inspiring experiences in the tourism industry of Iran. With the growing popularity of cosmetic surgeries in Iran, we decided to provide the best conditions for travelers in this field of activity, too. We have promoted our cooperation with the most renowned doctors in major cities of Iran for all kinds of services.

Our qualified staff will give you consultations about the treatment you are willing to get inside Iran. From the first steps such as accommodation and visa to post-operative care, our team members will handle everything in the best way possible.


How to arrange lip augmentation in Iran with Rashin Medical?

You can arrange your surgery in Iran with us by following the below steps:

  1. Submit your request via email or other provided means.
  2. Get in touch with the coordinator we introduce to you.
  3. Submit any documents needed for the operation.
  4. Finalize everything with your consultant.
  5. Let our colleagues arrange your trip to see you in Iran.


All you need to know about lip augmentation

Several methods can be used for the enhancement of your lips and it should be defined after having a consultation with your doctor. There are three major types of augmentation in Iran. Lip fillers (injections), fat transfer (from your own body), and lip implants.

For the method of lip injection in Iran, doctors use special materials to make your lips more voluptuous. The most common types of lip filler injection in Iran are collagen-based and Hyaluronic acid-based ones. The whole procedure usually needs not more than one hour, and it has long been used by many specialists.

Some individuals prefer not to inject any chemical materials into their bodies. In this case, fat grafting is the best method since it plumps the lips by the fat of your own body. The required fat is usually extracted from the belly and thighs which are the best options. The primary disadvantage of this procedure is that some fat cells could die after the extraction. Skillful surgeons perform the injection on several intervals to avoid this issue.

Studies show that this method is one of the best ways of maintaining a softer lip. The chances of allergies after the surgery is almost zero since the substance is used from the patient’s own body.

Implants, as the name implies, is considered as a permanent lip augmentation in Iran. The specialist makes small incisions at the corners of your mouth at the beginning of your lip implants in Iran. Using these entry points, the surgeon places the prosthesis inside the lips in order to get the desired shape.

Recovery of lip augmentation in Iran

Considering the simplicity of this procedure, short recovery time is needed after it. Redness, minor bleedings, bruising, and swelling could be expected since they are a common side effect of any medical operation. Doctors usually advise the patients to avoid wearing makeup and doing a workout for at least a day after the surgery. You need to avoid touching your lips as well.


FAQs of lip augmentation in Iran
In case I don’t like the results, can I remove my fillers?

It generally depends on the procedure you and your doctor have chosen. A temporary filler has this advantage that if you don’t like how your lips turn out for any reason, your doctor can inject an eraser enzyme to break up the particles and let it get back to the normal conditions.

Can fillers have any risks?

Fillers are frequently considered safe, however, you need to view this with the possibility of some risks. Consider conditions such as vascular occlusion (very rare) before making the final decision.

To what extent will my lips get big?

You should not expect to have giant lips after one appointment. The size gradually increases overtime to reach the most natural results. Considering the swelling, you should give your lips enough time to adjust to the new size and settle into their natural state.

How long do the fillers last?

Fillers usually last around six months. They may also last a long time for some people, and might also dissolve faster for others. The length of time that your lips stay plump and the pace at which the filler breaks down both depend on your metabolism.

Is the procedure painful?

After getting numb, you’ll feel a little pain and pressure. After injecting the filler, your lips will have a feeling of throbbing, yet it shouldn’t be too painful. The surgeon will massage your lips a little, put ice compress on them for 10 minutes, and then let you go.

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