A short description of genioplasty in Iran

Genioplasty, chin surgery, or chin augmentation is a cosmetic surgery ideal for those unsatisfied with the shape and positioning of their chin. If the bones of your face and jaw are out of balance, a plastic or maxillofacial surgeon can solve the problem for you. By doing genioplasty in Iran, you can correct any chin misalignment or excess that you have in your face with the help of board-certified surgeons.


Is Iran the best choice for genioplasty?

Genioplasty is the perfect solution for chin deformities and protrusion. Regarding the medical tourism developments in Iran over the past years, it is not a high-priced and dangerous surgery anymore. You can undergo double chin surgery in Iran at a much more reasonable price compared to global prices in well-equipped clinics in the major cities.


How much does genioplasty cost in Iran?

The price of plastic surgeries usually varies based upon the place of operation, doctor and your expectations. Since Genioplasty includes different procedures and methods like double chin removal, implants, etc., the exact price is usually defined after talking to your specialist.

Generally, the price of chin reshaping surgery with fat transfer falls between $500 to $700 but for the more complicated procedures that include implants or bone surgery, it may cost you from $1500 to $5000. These total costs are almost half the price of many other countries which makes chin augmentation in Iran a good choice for you.


Why choose Rashin Medical for genioplasty?

Either you wish to travel to Iran to visit the many historical tourist attractions and beautiful landscapes, or aiming to undergo surgery, we have great packages to offer.

After deciding to perform chin implant surgery in Iran, all the necessary coordination will be facilitated by our team members. Not only the routine procedures for your travel but also the communication with doctors and the relevant consultation will be offered to you from our side.


How to arrange genioplasty in Iran with Rashin Medical?

Your chin augmentation in Iran can be planned simply by taking these steps:

  1. Firstly, you should send us your request via email or other means.
  2. We will then introduce you to a colleague who is in charge of your profile.
  3. The coordinator pursues the procedure and asks you for the essential documents.
  4. He/she will finalize everything with you.
  5. We confirm the arrangements for your flight to Iran to have the best possible experience.


All you need to know about genioplasty

There are two general types of genioplasty: sliding genioplasty and chin implants. Improving the appearance of chin can be done either by utilizing chin implants so as to give more projection to it or by repositioning the bone supporting the jawline.  Moreover, changes to the upper as well as lower jaw can be prompted for improved chewing movements and occlusion, or the way that teeth fit on each other. These operations can be categorized from easy to very complicated.

Various kinds of implants are accessible, fabricated from a variety of materials, including silicone or different substances. There are no indications that silicone implants cause any illness. Ordinarily a plastic surgeon may suggest chin surgery or techniques to a patient having a Rhinoplasty so as to get better facial proportions, as the jaw’s size impacts the appearance of the nose.

During the procedure, the specialist makes an entry point inside the lower lip or under the chin to access the lower jaw bone and chin. The doctor at that point repositions the chin bone by cutting it in a controlled way or places an implant through this cut. As a rule, the surgeons utilize general anesthesia so that you will sleep throughout the procedure. Local anesthesia with sedation is additionally a possibility for some cases.

Recovery from chin augmentation

After your medical procedure, your specialist will train you to take oral antibiotics for two days. Oral stitches are absorbable, so you don’t need to come back to the clinic to remove them. You may start eating ordinarily when you feel you’re prepared. Liquid or soft food is recommended. You should wash your mouth with water or antiseptic oral rinse after each meal. Following three to five days, you can remove your wound dressings and compression tape, and come back to your daily schedule. Try not to exercise for the first 10 days after the surgery. Don’t take part in physical games for six to eight weeks. You may see swelling, redness, or wounding, which ought to fade away after a couple of days.


FAQs of chin augmentation
Why should a person get a chin augmentation?

When viewed in profile, the projection of the chin plays a very important role in balancing the forehead and nose. A little chin can make a nose look huge; a large chin could make a nose look smaller. In the front view, a short jaw causes the face to look top-heavy.

Is it easily noticeable when someone gets a chin augmentation?

Chin augmentation is such a common procedure. While plastic specialists may overdo breast implants, the equivalent cannot be told about chin implants. The consequences of a chin implant are unpretentious but significant.

What other procedures can be done along with chin augmentation?

A chin implant is usually done separately. However, many individuals who get a chin implant don’t go to the plastic surgeons just for this purpose. They may express their dissatisfaction with jawline or neck, or that their nose looks too large for their face. Some having a double chin will likewise get liposuction of their neck. Furthermore, some may end up doing their nose alongside their chin.

Can a chin implant move?

Once everything heals, a chin implant will stay still. However, in some cases. in the first week after the surgery, the chin implant can change position out of its place. This happens rarely, but getting it back into position does not require getting back to the operating room.

How long will my chin implant last?

A chin implant does not get replaced. Dissimilar to a breast implant, a chin implant is solid; there is nothing to spill out of it. Most people have one chin implant and it will last forever.



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