A short description of fat injection in Iran

Fat injections, also known as fat transfer, fat graft, and facial injection is a cosmetic surgery that can be used to reduce wrinkles, reduce acne marks and regain a more young-looking appearance. Fat injection in Iran is highly in demand and perfectly performed, which makes it a reliable destination for getting such cosmetic services.


Is Iran the best choice for fat injection?

Iran, the country with the highest number of nose jobs, is getting global fame for all types of cosmetic surgeries. Considerable lower prices compared to other countries, board-certified plastic surgeons, and well-equipped medical centers are among the significant factors for attracting people from other countries. Fat transfer in Iran is one of these surgeries that many individuals choose to enhance their body appearance.


How much does fat injection cost in Iran?

The procedure covers various areas of the body and consequently, the price of natural fat injection in Iran can be different depending on the amount of fat to be removed and injected. Generally, fat transfer cost in Iran is divided into two main groups. Fat extraction costs about $600 to $900 for each area, and the injection would be around $600 to $1200.


Why choose Rashin Travel for fat injection?

With over 10 years of experience, Rashin Medical company provides a wide range of tourism-related services for individuals who have plans to visit Iran for different reasons. The best accommodation option based on your destination and budget, visa issuance procedure, best flights, and all the other tasks are arranged in advance for you by our team members.

Our health tourism services are also planned with precise details. Our cooperation with top doctors and clinics let us arrange the fat injection procedure as fast as possible. Rashin Medical team members can give you all the consultation you need in this regard to bring you to complete peace of mind.

How to arrange a fat injection in Iran with Rashin Medical?

Fat grafting in Iran can be arranged by Rashin Medical team members by taking below steps:

  1. Send us your request via email, WhatsApp, etc.
  2. Get in touch with your allocated consultant who will give you the detailed information.
  3. Submit any required documentation for the paperwork.
  4. Finalize your fat injection procedure with the coordinator.
  5. Make your travel arrangements with him/her and come to Iran.


All you need to know about fat injection

Body curves are for many people considered as a sign of attractiveness and beauty. Fat does not always have a bad impact on your shape; sometimes the excess fat in one area can be the perfect fit for another! And this is just what specialists do in a fat grafting operation. Unlike some other types of cosmetic surgeries, this procedure does not entail the risk of allergic reactions since the tissue is taken from the patient’s own body.

In the first step, named harvesting, the surgeon extracts the excess fat by different methods of suctioning; body jet or lipomatic. This procedure is done delicately by using a thin and tiny needle under the skin. Doctors usually choose thighs and abdomen for suctioning the required fat and the procedure might take up to two hours long.

Using a high-speed centrifuge, the purification step is made. Pure fat cells get separated from unwanted liquids and substances and become prepared for injection.

Following this, the proper fat will be injected into the target areas utilizing a special type of syringe in order to achieve the desired outcome. This is called the transfer stage which lasts between 30 minutes to an hour. Local anesthesia with sedation might also be required for this step.

Different types of this procedure include facial fat transfer, breast implants and lifts, fat grafting for patients having breast cancer, buttock augmentation and hand rejuvenation. In some cases, the treatment might get carried out in two sessions. The patient usually feels no pain during this procedure, but a few days or weeks after that, there might be some.

After fat injection in Iran

Immediately after the procedure, you will not be able to drive your car, therefore don’t forget to bring someone with you to take you home. You should expect discomfort in the donor area, and bruising or swelling in the treated areas of the body. Furthermore, some small scars will remain on the body which fades away over time. Observing the full effects of surgical fat transfer might take up to 6 months since some of the transferred fat could be absorbed inside the body.


FAQs fat injection
Are the fat transfer results permanent?

Studies have demonstrated that most of the transferred tissue will remain in the treated area forever unless the patient loses a lot of weight or undergoes liposuction surgery in the same area later. In certain cases, however, repeating the procedure may be necessary to obtain the final desired results.

Are the results noticeable immediately after the procedure?

Although some of the aesthetic results of surgery are visible immediately after the procedure, it generally takes three to six months to see the complete results, especially for individuals who have had a considerable amount of fat grafted. In addition, the transferred adult stem cells continue to generate new fat cells in the treatment area for up to three months. Fat cells that survive after that time are likely to remain in the treated area permanently.

What kind of anesthesia is used?

With both the fat harvesting phase and the fat injection phase, either a local anesthetic with light sedation or general anesthesia can be utilized based on the decision of your surgeon.

Are the incisions large?

The incisions needed for fat transfer are quite small and, thus, do not require any sutures to close them.

How long does the recovery take?

The duration of the recovery period varies by patient, depending on how much fat has been removed and transferred, which areas of the body have been treated and certain everyday habits like smoking. In general, more complex procedures performed on larger areas will take longer to heal.


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