A short description of Botox in Iran

Botox is the world’s most famous cosmetic procedure used to remove wrinkles of the skin. The medical operation is done by injecting Botulinum neurotoxin, a lethal poison that could be highly dangerous if not used properly. Botox in Iran can be easily done by professional plastic surgeons or dermatologists at a tempting price compared to other countries.


Is Iran the best choice for Botox?

The well-versed Iranian doctors perform this cosmetic procedure at top-rated medical centers and clinics using FDA-certified materials. Over the past few years, the Botox injection procedure in Iran has got highly-demanded, especially by women seeing wrinkles on their forehead or around the eyes. The advancement of cosmetic medical surgery in the country likewise attracts many people from foreign countries each year who are seeking reasonable quality services.


How much does Botox cost in Iran?

The average Botox injection cost for each area falls between $350 to $500. It can vary greatly depending on the specific region (forehead, around the eyes, etc.) and the specialist who is going to perform it.

Alternatively, you can receive your injections in Iran by spending about $100 to $150, varied based on the dose of the substance, the deepness of wrinkles, and the city.


Why choose Rashin Medical for Botox?

Rashin Medical tourism services cover all the needs of individuals who are going to have a trip to Iran for Botox. We have simplified all the steps from the beginning, and our team members will assist you with your accommodation, visa, and booking the best possible flights.

Considering our cooperation with the experienced plastic surgeons and dermatologists in the best medical centers in major cities of Iran, your Botox appointment will be made quickly and easily.


How to arrange Botox in Iran with Rashin Medical?

Botox injection procedure in Iran can be arranged in a few simple steps:

  1. Receiving your request via email, WhatsApp, etc.
  2. Assigning one of our experts as your coordinator.
  3. Asking for any necessary medical or identity documents.
  4. Announcing the result to you and finalizing the tasks.
  5. Arranging your flight and accommodation in Iran.


All you need to know about Botox

Botox has the most effect on the type of wrinkles that are called “dynamic” and appear as a result of the muscles’ movement. The botulinum toxin paralyzes the muscles causing wrinkles by blocking nerve impulses which makes the skin smooth and refreshed.

It is interesting to know that only two kilograms of this toxin could result in the disappearance of the whole human population across the globe! Additionally, Botox can be utilized for medical purposes such as migraines, disorders in muscles and bladder, and excessive sweating. Despite being such a dangerous toxin, it has proved to be a valuable therapeutic protein that by far is used for more than 20 different illnesses.

The Botulinum is not proper for people who have experienced a previous allergic reaction to the drug, pregnant women or those who breastfeed their child. Moreover, people under the age of 18, those with MS or kidney failure, and even the individuals who have been vaccinated in the past two weeks are not good candidates for this operation.

Botox injection

The entire procedure usually lasts about half an hour and after the surgery, you should avoid lying down, putting any pressure on the region or massaging it. Commercial cold compress products or relevant homemade solutions would be useful for a few hours after doing it. About 24-72 hours is often needed for the toxin to take effect after injection. In some rare conditions, it might take as long as a week to observe its full effects. The results will last for 3 to 6 months and it needs to be repeated.

The operation does not require any kind of anesthesia or pre-operative considerations since it is a safe and low-risk one. It does not cause serious side effects but in some cases, the person may experience headaches, temporary numbness, redness, bruising or swelling of the area. You can have your injection during the day between your everyday activities and get back to your job after it.


FAQs of Botox in Iran
Does the face look overdone or unnatural after the procedure?

Botox is somehow a sensitive treatment. You can see subtle results when you are treated by a medical expert. So you’ll look like yourself, only with less recognizable lines. No one should notice you had anything done.

Is Botox only for women?

No, not really! Many men experience it as a part of caring for their appearance. The number of men choosing Botox has grown significantly. In the past three years alone, men have received more than one million botulinum toxin treatments. Being surveyed, the majority of men say they wish to look good and they’re bothered by the lines they observe in the mirror.


Should I be over 40 for Botox?

It’s not the age that determines when Botox is suitable for you, it’s the severeness of your lines. In fact, 64% of plastic surgeons report seeing an increase in cosmetic surgery or injectable treatments for individuals in their early 30’s. The truth is, the lines are formed in a different way for each person. The timing could be altered by a number of factors, from cellular changes over time to the reduction of collagen to genetic circumstances, or damage from the sun and the environment.


How long does the treatment take? Is it painful?

The main injection process takes only 10 minutes. Your specialist will talk to you about your treatment and perform analysis to determine the proper treatment areas for you. About the pain, some individuals state that the injection was like a pinch. Your specialist may use ice or a topical numbing cream in the beginning.


How many injections are done?

For the crow’s feet area, your specialist will inject 3 regions of the muscle that frames the eye’s side. About the frown lines, 5 injections are done into the muscles between brows and in your forehead. And for the forehead lines region, you should have 5 injections into a muscle in your forehead.


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